Our mission; to foster the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of everyone we meet.
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Welcome to Foundations
Foundations is a martial arts school found in the heart of Chatswood that focuses on teaching self-development through the self-defence practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Arts.
Our self-development and self-defence classes help shape a person’s physical, emotional and mental well-being, as we believe that the best form of self-defence is to have a focused mind, an open heart and a healthy, balanced and resilient body.
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Foundations classes
The programs at Foundations integrate both physical and cognitive training, giving the student an overall system and structure to get the best out of every aspect of their  lives.
Foundations Kids Classes

Kids classes

Foundations kid classes teach children to train their minds, emotions and bodies - leading them on a correct path of self-development.

Through the self-defence practice of Wing Chun Kung-Fu, students will be challenged to develop their focus, discipline and strength while working as a team, helping their fellow classmates, becoming leaders and always doing their best! The goal is their own personal development but also the development of their classmates.This specific and simple aim helps to create so much more than just good martial artists, it's developing good, strong and helpful people! 

Foundations kids classes will bring out the best in your child and help them in all aspects of their lives; family, school and social.

From school to home life, Foundations will bring out the best in your child!

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Adults classes

Foundations adult classes are a challenging and fun way for you to develop your physical, emotional and psychological abilities.

In each class, the principles of self-defence are mixed with a range of psychological and self-development techniques and ideas. The aim, to help individuals understand that true self-defence always starts with correct self-control.

In the pursuit of learning to defend yourself, you will find that a mind rooted in stillness; a heart open and strong; and a body balanced and stable are not only the best ways to defend yourself but also the best way to live your life. 

Find balance, strength and confidence and bring your best self forward.

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Foundations Adult Classes
Foundations Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Foundations private lessons are designed for those who like a more personal touch to their training.

The ideas discussed and developed through the Foundations curriculum can be challenging, confronting and hard to digest. Private classes offer a 1 to 1 approach, to help our students absorb the ideas in a personal way.

It’s a program designed specifically for you, using your pace and your understanding.

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Your instructor

Foundations Sifu Chris Tannous

Sifu Chris

Foundations is founded and led by Sifu Chris Tannous. Sifu Chris is a practised counsellor with a degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy. For the past 15 years, he has been living and teaching Wing Chun in Hong Kong, the epicentre of the craft. Foundations is the accumulation of Sifu Chris’s experience and practice as both a well-being practitioner, counsellor and martial artist.

The ability to be confident, focused, relaxed and disciplined are just some of the many benefits of training with Foundations!

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Class schedule
  • 12pm Adults
  • 4pm Kids
  • 7pm Adults
  • 4pm Kids
  • 7pm Adults
  • 12pm Kids
  • 1pm Adults
With more classes being added soon.
Private lessons are available throughout the week, Monday - Saturday. 
Please talk to our team to find a time that works best for you.
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